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2015, March 31 - Tax Education - Important for Your Business (Part I)

BAS Bulletin – March 31, 2015
(Extracted from Business Observer - Wednesday, March 25, 2015)

In recent years Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has been making visible and important progress in harnessing technology and reengineering its processes to bring its services closer to its clients.

This week's excerpt from EXIM Bank's Business Advisory Services radio programme will focus on some of these initiatives geared towards making tax payments easier and more convenient, shared by TAJ's Taxpayer Education Officer, Mr. Brandon Stewart.

The information below may be useful for not only logistics hub-centred businesses, but for SME's operating in just about any other sector in Jamaica:

  • Resulting from the roll out of TAJ's new Revenue Administration Information System (RAiS), taxpayers are now able to have more online access to the services provided by the Department. In addition to the filing of returns like they would normally do, taxpayers can also view their accounts, create payment plans, object to an assessment, request advisory visits, among other things. Another important feature of the system is that it allows clients to send messages through a Taxpayer Access Point directly to TAJ. Responses from the Department can be sent back through a special channel provided by the system.
  • Phase I of the project focuses on the filing of General Consumption Tax (GCT), Special Consumption Tax (SCT), Guest Accommodation Room Tax and Telephone Call Tax. Mr. Stewart pointed out that clients are still able to file all other taxes that they would normally file online.
  • RAiS offers a more simplified process which is evident from the different revisions of returns that are now available. For example, GCT users will now complete their form in stages, only being given what's applicable to them, instead of the entire form.
  • The convenience that RAiS delivers rests in the fact that taxpayers no longer have to queue in long lines to transact business at the TAJ. Now, from the comfort of their offices, they can view their accounts, check the status of requests, see outstanding returns, apply for payment plans, raise objections, and so on.

Mr. Stewart was a recent guest on EXIM Bank's Business Advisory Services radio programme, EXIMBankja, which is aired seasonally on Power 106 and Nationwide News Network as well as on JIS' network of radio stations islandwide.

Please look out for more informative excerpts from other episodes of EXIM's Business Advisory Services radio programme, EXIMBankja.  You may also check the media room of the Bank's website for more information at

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