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2016, July 21 - ASYCUDA – Streamlining Custom Processes

Since the implementation of the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) by the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA), there have been positive reports about improvements in time being spent at warehouses and ports to clear shipments.

In commenting on the implementation of the system, President of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association and CEO of Honey Bun said: “I believe ASYCUDA will be good for Jamaican exporters and importers. The system is integrated internationally, and will allow for a ‘single window’ where the exporter/importer only fills in one online document which can be received by all the other relevant customs departments”. (Business Suite Online, May 2016)

Other benefits to be derived from the system include:

  • Greater accountability
  • Transparency
  • Service efficiency
  • Cost reduction with electronic transactions now replacing paper intensive operations.

    ASYCUDA will also allow the JCA to provide real time information and data to other government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance & Planning as well as Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

    ASYCUDA is a web-based application that was implemented to improve efficiency at the agency by integrating business processes into a digital platform.

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