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2017, July 11 - Guidelines for temporary imports

The Agency, through its Customer Service Representatives, engages with our customers via face-to-face interaction, emails, our website (Live Chat) and telephone channels.

Some of the enquiries we receive include, but are not limited to:

• Import duties and other charges

• Import procedures

• Export

• Auctions

• Re-importation procedures

• Permits and licences

• Tariffs

• Importing motor vehicles, items for charity, etc.

The JCA recently received a question regarding temporary import procedures (that is, items that will only remain in the island temporarily) via our email:

The question from an overseas company is as follows:

“Our technicians are going to travel to Jamaica for work reasons. During the stay in Jamaica (a week long) we have to show some work equipment (professional material) to the clients. Therefore, the technicians will travel with this equipment (made up of cables and electronic devices) to be able to show to the clients and teach them how to use them. Then after the week of stay, the technicians will take the same equipment back to Spain. We would need to know if this professional material should carry some documentation and what are the customs procedures that we must follow.”

Response by the JCA regarding temporary imports:

“Goods being imported on a temporary basis must be entered on a Temporary Importation Declaration and the applicable duties placed on deposit or covered by a Bond. An invoice outlining the value of the items will be needed to facilitate this process.

The goods can remain in Jamaica for up to three months, and in the event the items will be required to remain longer than this stipulated time frame, an application for extension must be made to Collector of Customs prior to the expiration of the period. Failure to return the items within the stipulated time frame will result in the deposit made becoming non-refundable. You may need to enlist the services of a licensed customs broker or request your local agent to do so on your behalf.”

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