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2017, July 28 - Jamaica Customs seizes $200 million worth of illegal imports

In this regard, during the period April to June 2017, the agency recorded seizures of several illicit items, valued at over $200 million. Cash amounting to US$230,470 and Canadian $4,920.00 were also seized during this period.

The above table outlines the various categories of seizures and the associated value.

The agency takes this opportunity to warn air passengers and importers to desist from importing illicit goods into the country as they will be detected and subsequently seized. Criminal charges can also be laid against persons who are caught with illegal products.

In keeping with the Government's strategy to stem the 'guns for drugs trade' as well as illegal imports, the JCA in partnership with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) recently hosted two Marine Base stakeholders' fora in Rocky Point, Clarendon and Alligator Pond, Manchester, which saw residents supporting the initiative. The final forum will be held at Orcabessa, St James at a date to be announced.

The fora allowed for discussion among the JCA, the JCF, other Government entities, and residents of communities in which the marine outposts will be established.

In the meantime, as part of efforts to combat the counterfeit trade, the Jamaica Customs Agency has just completed its participation in the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Infringement Seminar hosted by the US Department of State, the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Centre; and Homeland Security Investigations.

The seminar focused on health and safety awareness; interception of counterfeit cargo; basic investigative techniques and case management; prosecutorial case development; and the investigation of financial proceeds; illicit trade and trade-based money laundering, among other areas.

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