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It is a tough job to start and run a business; this is made even more difficult due to the number of hats that an entrepreneur has to wear to ensure the success of their entrepreneurial ventures, as well as the need to fulfilling all kinds of essential tasks to ensure business viability. As such, the management of your company's social media can easily fall off your to-do list. However, all recent research and data on social media and its importance indicated

Social Media is now an essential tool for businesses of any size to impact its customer to ensure customer acquisition and sales directly.

Here are the facts: 

Customers are 57.5% more likely to buy products from a brand that they follow on social media. This number increases to 71% when those brands create a positive Social Experience for their target audience.
This data according to Sprout Social  (
Now that we have established those facts, we will now look at some techniques to ensure success while creating a  social media marketing strategy. The first step is to build a social media strategy is to set goals that will not only help you focus on what you are working towards but most importantly will track and improve your success rate over time.
After defining the right goals, it is important to identify to whom you are talking currently and if they are the prospective customers that you are trying to reach online. In other words, who is your target audience? If you already have a Social Media account, you should make use of the Analytics tools of the specific platforms that you are using such as  Facebook or Instagram to see if the Demographics of your current audience are online with the content and message you are disseminating online about your business. Additionally, continuously monitor engagement rates and other vital matrices ensure social media success.

It is essential to understand the type of content that will bring value to your customers. To create valuable content, it is key to schedule upfront and to ensure that you are not running out of ideas.

After establishing your strategy and getting out there on Social Media, always having your Goals in mind and use analytics to see what worked well and what would need improvement is crucial to your strategy's success. Do not be afraid to try out different times, and various kinds of content such as video, text or picture. It is also a good idea to leave space for new ideas to improve your Social Media presence and impact your business positively.
I hope these points help you to create a compelling social media presence backed up by a defined strategy for your business. If you require further insights on how to formulate the right Social Media Strategy for your emerging business, please visit to download Point Global Marketing's new ebook "Social Media Guide for Emerging Businesses" or visit POINT Global marketing at

Javette O. Nixon BSc, MSc is the Founder, President & CEO of Point Global Marketing. Point Global Marketing is a global marketing and brand consultancy that focuses on emerging business. POINT combines technology and human expertise to create a marketing engine foremerging business.

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