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EXIM Bank is a wholly owned government institution which offers short and medium term financing in both foreign and local currencies, as well.

We are commited to helping the Productive Sector succeed – not only are our interest rates very competitive, but we take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses. In addition to our general corporate lending facility, EXIM Bank has specialized loan products to meet your needs.

These are:

  • SME Groth Initiative
  • Foreign Currency Lines of Credit
  • JMEA Loan Programme
  • Cuban Line of Credt
  • Bankers Export Credit Facility (BECF)
  • Modernization Fund for Exporters
  • FSMA Loan for Agroprocessors
  • Energy Loan
  • Co-Pack Loan Facility

Below are answers to frequently asked questions which may assist you in your decision making.

1. Who can benefit from the Bank’s services?

To be eligible for financial support from EXIM Bank, you must be a registered Jamaican business entity. While the Bank’s primary mandate is to provide financial support to the non-traditional export sector and its linkages, entities within the wider productive sector are also eligible for financing. Some of the sectors we currently support include: Manufacturing, Agro-Business, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Tourism, Mining and Services. Companies involved in the production of traditional goods, such as sugar, bananas, bauxite and alumina are not eligible for financing.

2. What can the loan proceeds be used for?

Whether you choose to access our competitively priced US$ facilities or J$ facilities, our loans will assist you to meet your short and medium term goals.

3. Do I have to be an exporter to access financing?

No. While the Bank’s emphasis is on developing exports, financing is also available to non-exporting entities. If you are a member of the productive sector and/or provide linkage services for a foreign exchange earner, you may also be eligible for financing.

4. Will EXIM Bank finance the importation of Goods?

EXIM Bank’s Foreign Currency Lines of Credit facilitates the importation of raw material and equipment from any country in the world.

5. My Company is located outside of Kingston, how can I apply?

If you are unable to visit our offices in Kingston and one of our analysts is unable to come to you, you can submit an application online.


The EXIM Bank has also partnered with Approved Financial Intermediaries (AFIs) across the island. These are commercial banks, merchant banks and money market brokers. No doubt your banker is one of our AFIs. In that case, you can apply for a loan through your banker under our SME Growth Initiative or BECF programmers.

6. My company does not have access to collateral; can we still apply for a loan with EXIM?

The Bank has a flexible approach to collateral and provides unsecured lending under these specific loan programmes.

  • JMEA loan programme under which members of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Exporters Association (JMEA) are able to borrow unsecured funds up to a maximum of $3.5 million*.
  • The Bank also has an unsecured working capital facility for Trading House Co-Packers*.


All other EXIM Bank loan facilities require collateral to secure the loan.

7. What does the EXIM Bank accept as collateral?

EXIM Bank will accept a mix of negotiable securities, cash, bank guarantees, as well as real estate and bills of sale on equipment as collateral.


*Conditions apply for these facilities.

8. Does EXIM Bank lend money to fund Information Technology Projects?

Yes. One of the Bank’s target areas is information Communication Technology. We will lend money for software development, training and infrastructure projects.

9. Will EXIM finance start-ups?

If the applicant has the necessary management and technical skills and can establish that the project is adequately capitalized, financially viable and adequately secured, the Bank will consider proposals from start-up entities.

10. Are there any EXIM Bank locations outside of Kingston?

EXIM Bank’s office is located at 85 Hope Road, Kingston 6. There are no other branches. However, EXIM Bank’s loan facilities can be accessed, at our usual rates through any of the Approved Financial Intermediaries listed below:


Bank of Nova Scotia (Ja.) Ltd.

Citibank NA

Development Bank of Jamaica Ltd.

First Global Bank Ltd.

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Ja.) Ltd.

Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd.

JN Fund Managers Ltd.

MF&G Trust & Finance Ltd.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Ltd.

Sagicor Bank Ltd.

Sterling Asset Management

Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Ltd.

Mayberry Investments Ltd.

Barita Investments Ltd.