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Tourism Linkage Companies Receivables Financing

As the Bank continues its thrust to boost the productive capacities of non-traditional exports, such as Tourism, Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Mining, the Service Industry, Information Communication and Technology and the Creative Industries, specific focus is now being placed on linkage service companies that play a pivotal role in the growth and development of these sectors.

Taking into account the functional requirements of entities operating in the important Tourism Linkages sub-sector, EXIM Bank has developed a special Receivables Financing Loan Facility tailored to meet the funding requirements of these linkage companies.

Tourism linkage companies that operate as:

  • In-bond merchants
  • Janitorial service providers
  • Fresh produce suppliers
  • Car rental companies
  • Linen/textiles companies
  • Landscaping service providers
  • Other providers of goods and services

Transform your business with an EXIM Bank Receivables Financing loan and benefit from one time payment of receivables, hassle-free financing, unsecured line of credit and balloon payment at the end of the loan period. Loans are offered on a short or medium term basis at very competitive interest rates and may be used to finance the following:

Short-Term Loans:

  • Working Capital
  • Pre-shipment Financing
  • Post-shipment Financing

Medium-Term Loans:

  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Facilities Refurbishment/Upgrading
  • Facility will be open to all suppliers based on the recommendation of participating hoteliers/attractions
  • All applicable fees will be payable upon approval of the facility
  • Processing fee of $12,000.00 (plus GCT of 16.5%) will be applied to each transaction of up to J$1- million
  • Transactions above J$1-million will attract a processing fee of $7,500.00 (plus GCT of 16.5%)
  • Loan period for short-term loans will be extended for a maximum of 365 days