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Our Value to You

This Charter sets out our commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service.  We seek to meet your financial needs by offering quality financial products and services.  We strive to exceed your expectations by anticipating and meeting your needs.  Transparency, professional conduct and proactive attitude and the goals that we set for ourselves.  Below is our value to you, our valued customers.

Place YOU at the centre of everything we do
Offer affordable Financial Solutions
Excellent Customer Service
Highly Trained &  Knowledgeable Staff
Respect your privacy & protect your financial well-being

We Commit to PARTNER
with our customers…
by providing:

Professional service delivered by highly trained staff

Accurate information on product offerings

Resources within our means to deliver effective support

Timely acknowledgement of correspondence and queries

New and relevant products and services

Equitable opportunities for all qualified applicants

Rewarding relationships

Our Promise to you

Below we have highlighted our customer-related commitments to you, and the standards that we have set for ourselves in trying to offer excellent customer service.  You can see that we have already made significant progress in achieving these high standards.  For the other we promise you that we will continue to improve in these areas until we have at minimum achieved these goals.


Time for completion of security documentation

Promissory Notes 1 day
Mortgages, Bills of Sale, Assignment of Insurance policies, Indemnities, Guarantees, and all other forms of security documentation 8 days

Loan Processing Time

Loan amounts less than J$75 million 4 weeks
Loans requiring Board Approval 8 weeks


Application processing time:

New policies 4 weeks
Buyer Limits 5 weeks
Policy Renewals 2 weeks


Minimum training hours per employee 15 hours
% of staff to achieve acceptable performance score 80%

Dispute Resolution

As a part of our self-assessment program, we concede that situations may arise that do not meet our established standards.  If you would like to register a complaint please call (876) 630-1460.

Realising Your Productive Promise