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Keep Your Business Growing

As a Jamaican exporter we know you have competing demands on your Cash flow – to purchase raw material, meet administrative expenses, and other costs.  As you grow your business and expand your market you should not have to worry about cash flow.  EXIM can help you build your business by giving you the working capital support you need.

Banker’s Export Credit Facility (BECF) is an attractively-priced short-term working capital loan facility for exporters– offering both pre and post shipment financing, conveniently accessible through our network of Approved Financial Intermediaries (AFIs) . Whether it is that you need working capital to complete an order, or you have already shipped your goods and are awaiting receipt; EXIM Bank’s affordable financing can help to keep your business going.

Pre-Shipment Financing
If you need to purchase raw materials to complete your finished goods for export or need to procure other locally produced goods to fill export orders, then this option is for you. Loans are granted for a maximum period of 90 days on a revolving basis and you can get up to 100% of the FOB value of an export order.

Post-Shipment Financing
Once you have shipped the goods and you have met all the stipulated requirements, EXIM Bank can finance you up to 100% of the CIF Invoice value. Loans are granted for a maximum period of 120 days on a revolving basis.

Who is eligible?
If you are a Jamaican exporter of locally produced non-traditional goods, you may qualify for EXIM’s easy and competitive financing. Goods that are repackaged for export are not eligible.

It is easy to access.
EXIM Bank works through a number of Approved Financial Intermediaries (AFI’s) which are various local commercial banks, investment and brokerage houses that are approved to process your application at EXIM’s attractive and comptetitive interest rates. Your loan will be approved once you meet the loan requirements of your selected AFI as well as EXIM’s eligibility criteria. The AFI will conduct the necessary credit assessment and advise if you qualify.

Ask your regular Banker about a BECF loan. It’s time to get on board and watch your business grow.

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