Commercial Cargo Exportation – Procedure

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Preparing to Export

  1. Important things to note in preparing to export your products:
    • Trade Board:  Certificate of Origin, CARICOM Certificate
    • Ministry of Agriculture:  Animal or animal products
    • NEPA:  Hazardous waste, endangered species
    • Bureau of Standards:  Processed foods
    • Coffee Industry Board:  Coffee
    • Coconut Industry Board:  Commercial Coconut ProductsCheck with the relevant ministry or agency to obtain the requisite permit or licence to export or licence to export particular products, for example:
  2. Complete Export Entry Form (C87).
  3. Prepare Tally Sheet (for air cargo) or Dock Receipt (for sea cargo).
  4. Contact Customs Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) at 923-7641 or 757-3912, 24 hours before loading goods into container.
  5. Submit completed entry form (C87) along with all other documents to Customs Export Officer.
  6. Pay customs processing fee.
  7. Deliver cargo to shipper’s or airline’s warehouse.
All exporters are required to give Customs Contraband Enforcement Team (CET) the following information:
  • Name of exporter
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Description of commodity
  • Quantity of commodity
  • Container number
  • Destination of shipment
  • Shipping agent
  • Name of exporting vessel
  • Loading address
  • Time of loading
  • Seal if available