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Commercial cargo normally requires the services of a licensed Customs Broker for import clearance or for export. However, all goods representing a Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of more than US$5,000.00 or the Jamaican equivalent, must be cleared by a licensed Customs Broker.

For Goods Valued Over US$1,000 and up to US$5,000
1 Prepare Import Entry Form (Form C87) using appropriate invoices.
2 Take prepared Import Entry with supporting documents (invoices, permits licenses, bills of lading/airway bills, etc.) to Custom House to be data captured.
3 If there are no anomalies, the entry will be directed to the Lodgement Desk, where it will be sent to the Invoice Branch for further processing (if not successful, the document will be returned for correction.
4 After the document is passed for payment, choose one of the following payment options: (a) electronic payment (ePayment) or (b) by cashier, then proceed to pay relevant duties
5 Proceed to the relevant Port of Importation for Port of importation for the clearance of your goods and have your Bill of lading validated. Proceed to the Manifest Branch for the striking of your manifest, which should be stamped and returned to you.
6 Present stamped Bill of Lading to Warehouse Keeper for location of goods.
7 After goods have been located, they will be placed in the examination area for inspection by a Customs Officer. The Officer will inspect the goods entered on the C78 form with that of the shipment to check for any discrepancies (if there are any discrepancies, the importer will be in breach of customs regulations!)
8 If after inspection, it is determined that no additional duty is payable, the Customs Officer will issue a Customs Release. This should be delivered to the Warehouse Operator, who will then issue a gate pass. If it is determined that additional duty is payable, instruction will be given to return to Custom House for the additional duty to be calculated and paid. The receipt for the additional duty paid should be taken back to the Releasing Officer, after which a Customs Release will be issued.
For Goods Valued Over US$5,000
Goods which exceed a CIF value of US$5,000
must be cleared by a licensed Customs Broker
1 Broker submits Import Entry (Form C78) electronically
2 Broker then takes actual document to Lodgement Desk at Custom House (Myers Wharf, Newport East, Kingston 15, Tel: 922-5140-9) for allocation to an officer
3 Follow steps 4 to 8 above (for goods over US$1,000 and not greater than US$5,000)

For further information, please visit the Jamaica Customs website: