Obtaining an Export/Import License

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Walk-in Applicants
  • Submit Commercial Invoice (CI) as supporting document to the Trade Board.
  • The cashier will key relevant data from the CI into Trade Board Information System (TBIS) to facilitate shipment certificate processing and payment.
  • Upon receipt of the customs approval letter a licensing officer will approve the shipment certificate.
  • Once approved, the approved shipment certificate will be available to Customs. The client may request a printed copy
  • Clients not shipping via Berth 11 will be provided a printed copy of the shipment certificate
Online Applicants

Applications may also be done online using the Trade Board’s Online iCASE system at https://tbis.fsl.org.jm . Jamaica Trade Board Online is a Internet based system, an electronic alternative to filing many of the paper Trade Board documents. This website facilitates the online
registration for an individual, company and brokers. Registered members can utilize this site to apply for Import / Export Certification and Licensing and make payments as it relates to fees and Services offered by the Trade Board.

Applying for an Import License

The legal authority for administering this policy is the Trade Act, Law 4, 1955. There are thirty four (34) items now on the List of Items that Require Import Licensing. Please check their website for the list of licensable items and the requirements at: http://www.tradeboard.gov.jm