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What is the COVID-19 CARE Tourism Grant?

The COVID-19 CARE Tourism Grant Programme, administered by the EXIM Bank, is designed to provide financial assistance to registered businesses operating in the Tourism industry which have been impacted by the coronavirus via the allocation of a pool of J$1.2 billion.  

What is the aim of this Grant Programme?

This Grant Programme is aimed at assisting these businesses with covering costs related to COVID-19 readiness and recovery i.e. costs related to planning for and responding to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Is there a Grant Limit? 

There is no established limit.  Amounts awarded will depend on the number of applications received. 


Who is the Grant For?
Registered businesses operating in the Tourism Sector which are licensed by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) or registered with the Ministry of Tourism are eligible to apply. The list of eligible Tourism businesses is:
  • Apartments
  • Attractions
  • Bike Rentals
  • Car Rentals
  • Guest Houses
  • Home Stays
  • Hotels
  • Tour Operators
  • Water Sports Operators 
  • In Bond Merchants approved by the Jamaica Tourist Board
  • Travel Agencies licensed by the Ministry of Tourism
  • Villas Entities approved by the Ministry of Tourism under the Fiscal Incentives Act (FIA)
What Can I use the Grant for?

The Grant may be used to support projects geared towards making your business COVID-19 ready to meet required protocols. This includes:

  •   Operational Support e.g. payroll, rent, utilities
  •  Payments to local suppliers
  • Sanitary Equipment and Technology (e.g. PPEs, health and safety signage, masks, retrofitting, installation of sanitization stations, etc.)
  • Redesign to accommodate social distancing and the establishing of temporary sites for testing, isolation, or quarantine of affected individuals
  • Purchase and implementation of contactless technology
  •  Capacity Building e.g. staff training in COVID-19 protocols
No more than 30% of funds can be used for working capital support


Where and How do I apply for the Grant?

You may apply for the grant on the EXIM Bank COVID-19 CARE Tourism Grant webpage: You may apply for the grant on the EXIM Bank COVID-19 CARE Tourism Grant webpage: https://www.eximbankja.com/covid-19-tourism-care-grant/

Click on the link to the Application Form which is at the end of the above webpage. Download/Save the Application Form and fill in all the information requested.  The application must not be completed in the web browser. 

Once you have completed the Application Form, click ‘Submit’. Your mailing account with the email address (info@eximbankja.com) already formatted will open automatically. Upload, in this email, all the other relevant documents requested as outlined below. 

After filling out the application form, nothing happens when I click “Submit”
Download the form and ensure that it is opened and completed in Adobe Reader, and not in the web browser. 
What is meant by a “10% cash match/equity”?

The 10% cash match/equity refers to 10% of the project cost. For example, if the project cost is J$2 million, then the 10% cash match/equity would be J$200,000. 

When am I required to provide proof of a 10% cash match/equity?

10% cash match/equity is required in instances when the grant is being requested to assist in the acquisition of goods and/or services which will assist you with COIVD-19 preparedness. No proof of a 10% cash match/equity is required when reimbursement is being requested for sums already spent to become COVID-19 ready.

Are there documentary requirements?

YES. Applicants must provide:

  1.  Fully completed application form
  2. Copy of JTB License or Ministry of Tourism Registration
  3. Copy of TPDCOs product quality assessment letter OR Certificate of Readiness from TPDCo
  4. Copy of valid Tax Compliance Certificate
  5. Audited Financial Statements OR Management Accounts for FYs 2018 & 2019 along with Management Accounts YTD 2020
  6. Proof of financial resources with respect to 10% minimum equity contribution (e.g. letter from a financial institution and/or recent bank statement)
  7. Paid invoices and/or pro-forma invoices to support grant requested. (Invoices which pre-date 01 April 2020 will not be eligible for payment/reimbursement)
  8. Copy of Employer’s Annual Returns (Form SO2) submitted to TAJ (Tax Administration Jamaica) for 2019
  9. Documentary evidence to verify bank account number (e.g. copy of cheque leaf or bank statement)
  10. Copy of valid photographic ID(s) for the authorized person(s) signing the application form
  11. Any other documents required to support the request
N.B. Failure to submit all the required documents makes your application incomplete and will MAKE IT INELIGIBLE FOR consideration. 
When will the application be processed?

Applications will be received during the period 01-30 September 2020 and processing will commence on October 01 2020. You will receive acknowledgment from EXIM Bank once your application is received. You will also be advised of approval. 



Must I use the Grant for the purpose(s) indicated?

YES. Recipients are responsible for the day-to-day management of grant funding received and are accountable for its use. Additionally, applicants are required to have systems in place to monitor grant expenditure.  Businesses may be subject to independent audit related to the use of grant funding by Auditors assigned by the Ministry of Finance and Public Service.

Will my information be kept confidential? 

Beside certain types of information that may be considered proprietary or public information that cannot be released, most grant related information submitted by applicants will be considered public information, and once an award is made, subject to possible release to the public.  Applicants are discouraged from submitting information that is deemed proprietary unless essential for proper evaluation of the application.

Why is my financial information required?

Information about the finances of your business is required to ascertain the financial health and viability of your business.

A note on Fraudulent Activity 

The Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud. Any business caught falsifying their records or knowingly claiming funding to which they are not entitled will face prosecution and any funding issued will be subject to clawback.

Can I claim for Re-Imbursement and Future Acquisitions/Operational Costs on the Application Form?
Grant request may cover re-imbursements from April 01, 2020 onwards. Future acquisitions/operational costs may be projected up to March 2021 and must be substantiated by proforma invoices, where applicable. 

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants/potential applicants with pending BEST Cash awards may submit applications under the Grant Programme.   Please note that NO exception is being made with respect to GCT payment as this is not a part of the BEST Cash set-off.